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.308 168 SMK OR 175SMK FOR 1000 YARDS?

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  • .308 168 SMK OR 175SMK FOR 1000 YARDS?

    I have been watching the posts on the .308 and I still have not figured out which bullet is better fot the longer distance. Right now I use 50 grains of H380 and a 168SMK with excellent results. I have not chronographed the load yet but it works well. Is there a distinct advantage to using the 175SMK and should I be using a different powder. I use rem. large rifle primers if that makes a difference.

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    175 for everything...especially over 500 yards.
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      I use 168's because its the duty load. I don't see much if any advantage by the guys using 175's. The theory of the heaver bullets is in fact sound, the difference is slight enough that what ever your gun likes best is what I would recomend. I don't think my performance is ever limited by my bullet weight.
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        The 175 grn bullet is what you need to shoot at 1000 yards or as Thomas said "for anything past 500 yards". It takes more elevation to hit a target at 1000 yards with a 168 grn and it starts to loss alot of its velocity pass 600 yards. I have heard storys from shooters that have shot Laure targets at 1000 yards and they have said that they hit the target, but the bullet does not have enough energy to knock the target over. The 175 just performs better at that distance. You can not go wrong with the 175. Just my 2 cents worth. mildot
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          The 175gr bullet past 600yds for me sniper

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            My two cents worth is that the 175 has every advantage over the 168 with one exception. The 168 is still used by the majority of law enforcement agencies, thus keeping the price lower and resupply easier. Why do PD's still only use the 168's? Because the have always used the 168's, that's why.

            Eventually, with information and practical application outlets, ( like SP winky ) I believe the 175 will replace the 168 outright, but not for some time. Really, the 175 is equal to the 168 at short range, and only "demonstrably superior" ( and that's a big buzz word with the business office ) at long range. Since PD's normally do not take shots past 500 yards, it does not justify the additional cost for the rounds.

            But, next time your at the gun shop, pick up a box of both the shoot five 168's at 100 yards, then five 175's at 100 on a second target, then five of each on the third. I doubt that you will be able to see any difference between the groups.

            As for me, I shoot a strict diet of 175's. But last time I shot against Trigger1, he outshot me with those damned 168's! artiller So it does come down to tightening up that loose nut behind the trigger too. thinkerg

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              My dept. uses the 168SMK but no one could justify why. I just picked up a box of the 175SMK'S and will be loading them this week. Does anyone have a starting load that they would suggest? I have a FN bolt action rifle with a 24 inch barrel. The only issue I have with it is that the detachable magazine limits the bullet seat depth.

              Thanks for the assistance!!


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                Tazman, the 168's have been the standard for many years in LE and the cost compared to 175's is usually a factor in most departments purchases. As far as a good starting load try 45.0 gr. of varget. I have had great luck with this load. For seating depth just set your bullet seater with a factory 168 and you should be ok. This load and depth shoot to the same POI @ 100 as my duty loads from both of my rifles.
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                  I appreciate the info. I plan on doing some shooting this weekend so I will find out how the 175's do. The 168's were touching at 200 yards so hopefully the 175's will do the same. I think the rifle is capable of shooting better than I am but so far it has made me look good to my peers!!LOL


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                    The places I get factory ammo from sell 175 and 168 for the same price, and will get instock whatever I ask for. As for reloading, if memory serves me right (and it probably doesn't) the bullets run the same price as well. So, you're just going to use more powder when reloading, and not enought to worry much about.

                    As for performance; I've had a box of 175s sitting around for a while now. I think I'll try them this week and see how they go.

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                      I see that some people are getting 2700 + FPS with the 175SMK and a 24" barrel. That velocity seems kinda high. I plan on chronographing the load I use but 2700 FPS is almost 30-06 velocity. Is 2700FPS right or has this number been inflated?


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                        The places I get factory ammo from sell 175 and 168 for the same price, and will get instock whatever I ask for.[/b]
                        Where do you get your ammo, and for what price...?
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                          I always use what my rifles shoot the best groups with and so far the 168 has been the best hand load that I have come up with.


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                            Have to qualify that the longest range that I can shoot around here is 400yards.


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                              Another load you might try is 42.2 gr / IMR 4064 / WLR. It is generally accepted as *the* 175SMK reload.

                              Personally, I use 43.5gr / IMR 4064 / LC 93/ Fed 210M's out of my Rem700 24" yields 2683fps, so I don't think 2700fps is an outrageous claim. (Or was it my post to whch you were referring?)
                              I don't have much experience with it, but I'm a great fan of money. brian