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    Iím new to the forum and Iím planning to start another Ghillie suit project. Iíve read most all the other topics about Ghillie suits, which has answered a lot of my questions. However, I still have a few unanswered questions. banghead

    Iím going to use a set of woodland BDUís, which will be one size larger. Iím planning on removing the buttons on the jacket and the fly and putting Velcro in place. Iíll also cut off all the pockets. Iím going to put some duck cloth on the front of the jacket, legs and arms. Iíll be using 1 inch OD nylon netting, which I bought a bunch of from a surplus store. I also want to put some 550 cord to make loops on both the shoulders of the jacket and on the brim of the boonie hat. I also plan on cutting out the back of the jacket and sewing on some mesh. If I use burlap strips I will dye it with rit dye and cut it in strips 2Ēx9" (probably vary the lengths a little). If I use jute strings, I will buy pre-dyed and cut jute from I may even put in some thumb loops. The colors I plan to use are light grassy green (for most of my base color), Forest green, natural, and brown (Iíll use sparingly)

    Now the questions I have are: deal

    1. How do I attach the netting to the boonie hat? How much netting should hang over the brim? Is the netting cut retangle or oval? How long should each strand of burlap/jute be on the hat?

    2. If itís better to shred the burlap before I tie it on the netting to avoid ďbig knotsĒ, should I just use jute strings? : confused Again, Iíll be using 1 inch netting and I donít plan on tying on every square, so is skipping squares and rows a good idea? (Depending on whether I use the jute strings or burlap strips)

    3. When tying on vegetation, do u guys just grab clumps of grass and stuff and tie it sporadically of the netting rand

    If anyone could post some pics of their Ghillie suits or some diagrams I would greatly appreciate it. bounce I was unable to see previous pics posted in other forums. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    OK, I will try and answer your questions as best I can...

    First of all, Are you dead set on doing your platform i.e. the modifications and all sewing on your bdu's? I'll tell ya like this bruddah, if you got the bdu's, and a little extra cash, Contact Desertdiz aka Mike Dismuke, he is a GENIUS at the wheel of a Consew, and I promise if he does your platform, you will be absolutely blown away by the workmanship...

    OK, on with the show...
    1. I cut the brim off of my boonies, not the whole thing, just that thick end piece all the way around. Then I will lay out a square usually 18"x18" covering all sides of the boonie. Then with a tapestry needle and some solid nylon thread, I secure the center point line of the netting on the top dead center of the hat. Then at the North, South, East, and West points of whats left on the brim, without forcing the netting down onto it, I will select the best line to sew at the end of the brim. 4 points 4 stitches, making sure that Im not pulling the netting balls tight, leaving a little slack. Next I will add 4 more stitches in between the top dead center stich and the 4 points, but adding them on the part of the boonie that is the head band so to speak. Then, lastly I will add 4 more stitches in the quartering points on the end of the brim, cutting off the excess creating a round net with no overhang...This is my preferrence, and will be evident shortly.

    Adding Jute or burlap, I add longer 10-12 inch strips (if'n ya tie them on it leave 5-6inches of overhang) from just in front of the shoulders all the way back. In front, I prefer 8-10 inch strips leaving less overlay. When I get to the top, I like to shorten the jute and bunch it together to make it stand up...

    2. It's really not gonna matter about shredding the burlap, once you get your salad suit all finished, either soak it down with water, or find a big mudhole, and drag it slowly behind your vehicle, with the garnish side down...for a short distance, maybe up and back down your block, if'n its a short block, lol. As for Big Knots, I like to cut my burlap strips into 1" wide sections, just using an overhand knot, pulling tight. Ive never noticed a problem with big knots...

    3. Remember the 60/40 rule, 60 percent natural veg to 40 percent garnish. With natural veg, if Im alone I lay my salad suit out, and selectively stuff it with the colors I anticipate to be in my FFP area, in other words if there aren't any dark browns, I dont use dark brown. But usually I pull dead grass, live stuff, lichen and anything else, and stuff it, lol...If I got a partner, we ghillie up and then add garnish where needed.

    I recently took some pics of a ghillie project in the field, they may soon be up on these forums, if'n the boss man sees fit. They can also be seen at Also, if'n your not dead set on using d*** Muirhead (least I think his name is d***) Give a fella named Mike Stanchik at an e-mail and take a gander at his selection of Jutes, specially the "Moss Jute" I've been experimenting with it and am really pleased. Plus I cant say enough for These two fellas (Mike Dismuke and Mike Stanchik) Dedication to customer service and support, and in this day and age it really means alot...Speshully dealin with us ignurnt rednecks...

    Well dude, I hope this helps, Cause I'm sittin here skratchin mah head hopin like a sum***** that everything I laid out was easy nuff to understand. I've been doin lots of 'sperementin lately, and come up with some really good results...

    Be cool,

    'Squatch.........charlie mike


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      Thanks for the quick reply.

      I think Iím clear on the instructions for the boonie. Ok,let me know if I got this rightÖ
      1st, Sew dead center, then north, south, east, and west on brim.
      2nd Sew on the side of the boonie in-between dead center and the outer points
      3rd (I think I got this part right)Ösew northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest rand
      4th cut off excess netting that hangs off the brim of the boonie, so that it forms a round net w/ no over hang, right rand

      I also checked out that base garment at and that looks great and I like it a-lot! Unfortunately, my excess cash flow is going towards stuff like laminate flooring and ceramic tile, etc. So, I guess maybe one of my future ghillies will have the ghillieskin base. However, it did bring up another questionÖI noticed they used 1 inch netting on the boonie and 2 inch sewn on loops for the jacket and pants. Do u recommend the 2 inch netting for the body of the bduís and 1 inch netting for the boonie like they did rand And if using the 2 inch net holes would I just tie one strip of burlap per hole rand

      thinkerg BTW I decided to use the burlap strips like u suggested 1Ē sections and Iíll throw in some jute in places as well.
      Thx again for the instructions.


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        The last hat I made, two days ago, turned awsome. I just took an old hunting boonie type of hat that was a realtree type of pattern. I just put netting on the top everywhere except the brim, doesn't matter if you put there or not I guess. I just took a big amount of burlap, cut it about 9 inches to 12 inches long by like 2 inches and tied it on so it covered most of it. What I think works best is just put on the chunks of burlap as a base and then put on the jute strings and make sure those cover ever thing...mine is the same color as like old hay and the hat looks like a pile of old hay even without natural veg added to it. My pieces lengths varied for 9 inches to 1 and a half feet(for the jute strings). For skipping squares...I use 1 inch netting too and i skip every couple of rows just to see what it looks like. Then I just go back over it and cover the bald spots, some places where you skip don't need the burlap because of the amount on the row above, so it saves a bit of burlap, not much though.


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          Just do what Squatch tells ya, I've seen pics of his suit and he knows what he's doing.... One idea for the head covering tho is I've seen some pics of some UK snipers suits and they use a hood with all the garnish on it, I think it would work better than the boonie because you can turn your head from side to side to look around without all your camo moving with your head. Any thoughts on that Squatch? Also make sure your hat isn't to heavy and floppy or else if you lean over either all your garnish will flop to the front and obstruct your view, or it will just fall off, doh! mad
          the hat looks like a pile of old hay ¬*[/b]
          RM just make sure there aren't any horses around to nibble on your head

          Cheers, Luke
          Dragon~OSOK~ sniper
          "He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. You have also given me the shield of Your salvation, and Your right hand upholds me" Psalms 18:34-35


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            It's been my experience that when I'm using a hood it destroys my peripheral vision, in that the hood doesnt turn when I turn my head, whereas the boonie does.

            I know the manuals and various books out there recommend having an overhang to create a veil for the rifle, but I found this to be a pain in the *** , and just keep a veil split in half under my boonie and use as needed.

            Your about as close on as I can get ya for the sewing, best part is that there really isnt a right or wrong way, just what works best in the end.
            Mike Stanchik at is my supplier for jute, dyes, and accessories. Mike Dismuke at Desert Specialties does my primary ghillie platform modifications, hopefully he is lurkin...
            I actually used a 3 garnish system, burlap as my primary, 1 ply jute, and the moss jute. I'm very happy at the way this worked, and will more than likely continue to work with it until I find Zen...
            I also like the idea of the larger netting system on the body, and smaller netting on the hood/boonie and arms of the base. I'm currently having one built using 550 cord, and will more than likely have all of them done like this in the future.
            Hopefully this will help, cause it's pretty hard 'splainin all the shortcuts, lol maybe one day I will sit down and write them all out...

            Take Care,



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              thx for the help, I hope to start my new ghillie project soon and now have some great tips from u guys.