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    I was thinking once I get all of the burlap on the jacket I'm making(AO is extremely green year around, evergreens, very thick so I'll have a few shades of greens for burlap) I would do that thing JY did to his rifle with paint and veil. I might do brown here and there on the back of the suit. How do ya think that would look? I don't think I can put any strips of burlap that are brown because the area is too green, but there are like little tiny brown things that grow through the mose so little brown speckles might help blend the suit a bit more. Anyways tell me what yal think.

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    What kind of ground cover is in your AO? I figure that with all the evergreens, there has got to be a layer of light brown dead pine needles. Are you building an upright suit or a worm kissing suit? If your gonna be on the ground look at stuff from the ground to up to about 2 feet, thats where you would need to blend in.

    If your gonna stalk upright then you may consider doing the pants and jacket in different blends of colors, maybe more green as you go up and more browns as you go down. The 3d effect would also need to match. A ground cover of pine needles is relatively flat compared to the branches of a living tree.
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      Ground cover varies from green grass and mose to the brown pine needles. I'm going with green for base color 1. because most of area is green. 2. just got the dye like 5 minutes ago and they are like out of every color except for green and like purple. Just trying to decide whether to shred the burlap or not.


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        Next Question: If I shred it will all of the strings left over fall off easily?


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          I guess you have already dyed your burlap, but I will let you know what I found works well in pine.

          For mine I used the camoed burlap, the one that is done in advantage timber. Just cut this up and tie it on. It works extremely well. I used it for turkey hunting this year.

          I have pics to if you want to see.
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            Ye sure send some pics. I know the exact stuff your talking about. I have tonnes of the fabric of that, not the burlap, just the fabric and I wrap my gun in it. I was going to buy some of that burlap with the camo already done to it but it was like 8 or 9 dollars for 3 feet compared to what I got: 24 feet by 3 feet for 11 dollars. Did you get the burlap at Crapy Tire? I seen some of the camo burlap there for making blinds.
            And ye I died my burlap last night and guess what good citizen came along: the skunk. My neighbors dogs ganged up on him and made a wonderful smell on the burlap(I left it out all night because it wasn't dry yet).


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              At least with the skunk smell nobody is going to be to eager to investigate you to closely while you're hiding...even if they have dogs

              Cheers, Luke sniper
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