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  • reloading surplus?

    I need a boatload of good ammo for a class, but can't afford to buy $400 worth of match ammo, so I'm gonna load it. I have several months to dial in the load...

    My 1st question is can I use surplus ammo brass? Is there any brass I should steer clear of?

    I like the idea of this stuff too:

    Thanks for your help...

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    In the quest to look for inexpensive options for 'match' ammo, I've come to one conclusion...Don't skimp, especially for a class. Play all you want with your handloads, but if you don't have it dialed in by class time, get some good ammo.

    Now, that said, I'll tell you what I've come up with. I've been having very good luck with remanufacturing surplus ammo, like the Portuguese stuff. Pull the bullets, and now you have a good, primed case. Cut that case to length, chamfer and deburr it, and you've got a case for match ammo. You can then use the existing powder that you dumped from the case, or use your X brand. Then top the whole thing off with a good 175, or 168 grain SMK, and you're set. I've gotten .5 MOA doing this, so it works well. The best part is, the cases aren't reloadable, so I don't need to bring them home. Just throw them out at the end of the day.

    It takes a long time to do this, but if you're one a tight budget, it just might be the ticket. Then again, with most schools you're shooting less than 200 rounds, so cost really isn't a factor with match ammo.
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      Sounds like what they used to call 'Mexican Match" ammo.

      Check with Century arms, they have been known to sell Berdan primed .308 brass at very cheap cost. It should take only a small bit of time to develop a load, then most of your handloading work is already done, just add powder charge and seat the bullet. Once the round is fired, you can chuck the empty. It's probably the cheapest, quickest way to provide the ammo. I just looked on their site, and couldn't find any but they have a helpline, and might be able to provide more useful info.

      They currently list .308 PMP 180gr SP ammo at $150 per case of 500, and $6.60 per box of 20. If you tried a box or two and liked it, it might fall into your price range. It's boxer primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. Maybe this could be a good cheap source of brass to use for making ammo for the next class.



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        Sanchez. 18.75 per 100 winchester 308 brass. best price anywhere. Avoid M60 brass once fired. has pulldown M118 SB brass for 100 per 1000 plus 10 for processing removing the crimp etc. If you have never heard of the brass avoid it.


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            If you know any Snipers in your area, you might be able to round up a sizeable quantity of Federal once fired brass over a period of time. At this time I have 1000 rounds of IMI Match Brass set back until I use up about a Case and a half of Federal I have rounded up from a Sniper Class. I read about the Federal Brass being soft, etc, etc. I have some Federal on the 3d loading, and it is still doing OK. If you can round up enough Once Fired Federal FREE by all means use it. Otherwise I would buy new Winchester, or IMI Brass and reload it. Prep the Brass by Trimming, Prep the Flash Hole,etc, etc. Use a Wilson Case Gage setting up your Resizing Die. If you use IMI Brass keep in mind it will require the same powder reduction as GI Cases. NOTE: Accurate has Data for the IMI Cases in there Reloading Manual.
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              I am with J Schulze on going with GIBrass. The match brass is Lake City. In my opinion it works fine, and is not too soft. so you can get multiple uses out of it. At a hundred bucks a thousand you can't beat it.


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                Yeah, that stuff sounds good. I'm gonna hafta gimme some.