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What about those 240SMK's??

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  • What about those 240SMK's??

    Well finally got around to starting something on the 240SMK's. I know i have shot the 190's and have had great success. As i have with the 220's. I havent had any dealings with the 240's though. Wondering if any of you guys have had first hand expirience with them? Barrel is a 1/10 Twist. So how will they perform? Lets see what you all have to say?
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    unles you can really jack up the velocity they probably wont do too good. the 240 was designed for long barrel long range highpower rifles I would stick with the 220 if you get good velocity


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      I think the 240's work best from a bigger round like the 300RUM. The 190's do a great job from the 300WM. I personally prefer the 190's over anything else in the WM. To me, it seems to be the right weight /BC / to velocity mix in the WM.

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        I have used mostly the 190gr SMKs in all my 300WM rifles. On the advice of a few of the members here, I have purchased some 220gr SMKs for testing purposes, but I haven't got any loaded as of yet. I too have had awesome results with the 190gr loads and barring a miracle from the 220s, that is what I'll stick with.

        As for the 240gr SMK...Sierra states that the bullet was designed for barrels with a twist rate of at least 1 in 9". Most 300WM barrels straight from the factory don't get that tight a twist (mostly 1 in 10" or so). While some people are using them in slower twist barrels, I can't imagine that you will be able to achieve the kind of accuracy, stability, and consistency that the lighter weight bullets (190-200gr) will yield. At most, I would push 220gr SMKs out of your win mag.

        If you really want to push 250-300gr bullets, move on up to the 338LM or the 338RUM...just make sure you get a good muzzle brake. smilewin

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          I read an article a months ago about this very subject by a guy name Wes who posts over at and here is his response to a recent question on this very subject

          He says the 1 in 10" will work fine with the 240s because that's all he uses. I have a few and plan on trying them when I get a chance because it's not high on my list of things to do.


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            I was about to mention an article in the Sept issue of Precision Shooting about a guy who shot 240s on his 300 WM with decent results and then I noticed you mentioned the first name of the guy who posts on, same guy who wrote the article.


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              I have shot the 240 MK as slow as 2700fps, and as fast as 3100 fps from my 1-10 twist barrel. I have had them stable and grouping in the .2-.30 M.O.A. range at 100. The ogives on the 240s vary a lot.I have to sort them by length to get better then .5 M.O.A at 700 yards though. My working load is 3008 fps from a 29.5" 300RUM. You may want to try the 210 JLKs but good luck getting them to fit in a magazine.
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                I should add that when I began working with the 240 MK and shot it at 2700 Fps, I was at 4500 feet elevation, with a temp of 35 to 40 degrees. If you are lower you may have a hard time stabilizing it at that velocity.
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